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Friday, June 17, 2011



I am passionate about helping people tell their stories so they can pass them down to the next generations. 

Where did this passion begin.  About a year ago when I decided to put together the story of my grandson and myself..  Why?  Because long after this old granny is gone I want Thomas to have something concrete to bring back the memories of the events we shared.  From this initial desire has come other ideas for expanding the telling of my story to include my childhood memories and my family tree.  AND all of this comes from knowing how I feel when I see an old photo of one of my ancestors and how I would love to know more about their story.

So, in my story telling journey, it has brought me here.  A need to share what I have already learned and what I will learn about preserving photos that represent the occasions of our lives and our memories. 

There are a variety of “story telling” formats, using photographs, to choose from.  Following are some of them:

*  through pictures that are carefully preserved in an organized system that has been lovingly cataloged and labeled so others will be able to appreciate the pictures and the history that they represent;

*  through photo albums that are again carefully arranged, labeled, and perhaps include snipets of journaling that convey the owners feelings, sense of history and importance of passing on the story;

*   scrapbooks that add some more detail to the pictures and journaling and showcase each selected moment in a unique way,

*    through digital scrapbooking that incorporates all of the traditional scrapbooking elements with the digital age and creates great pages and doesn't involve any cutting, gluing, or buying & storing a lot of supplies.

     These are all great options to organize and record your own unique, wonderful, amazing story for your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and the generations to come.

Each week, I will share information on how to make your efforts at putting together your story “faster, simplier, easier” (tm-ctmh).       

Upcoming topics will include:
  • Working with each format – breaking it down
  • Choosing the format to tell your story – What makes sense to me?
  • Getting Organized –Where Do I Begin?
  • What Do I Need To Get Started – What supplies do I need?
  • The Next Step – Keep It Going
  • Information on where you can find Tutorials and Examples – learning through seeing and doing.
  • Any topics that are submitted through my blog that will have general appeal

Additional information and pictures on each topic will be posted here on my blog:

Please let me know what you want to know more about to help you preserve and tell your story!

Tell Your Story!
Celebrate your Memories!

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