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Wednesday, June 11, 2014


A few weeks ago I created three cute baby, toddler scrapbook pages with a jungle animal theme.  The giraffe page was sold to a young lady named Shayna in Louisiana.  I didn't hear from her after she received her page so I emailed her asking if she would return to my Etsy shop, Celebrate Memories, and leave a review.  Shortly thereafter I received the best review I have gotten so far (I love all my reviews but this one was so special).

Shayna wrote:
"I absolutely loved the page! We are going through adoption and had to make a scrapbook of our lives now and include what we dream when we receive a child. We used this page to list our chosen baby names and I loved it! 

Here is the page I created:

Here is how Shayna made it their own:

 Shayna's words:  "I loved it! This is how it turned out in our adoption scrapbook! Thank you for the adorable page."

I know it's on it's side but I have tried everything I know (which isn't much)  to flip the picture off it's side but to no avail.  However, I think you get a sense of how Shayna used the page in the adoption scrapbook.  I think she did a wonderful job with the layout and really made it her own!

 My little giraffe is made with rectangles, squares, ovals and circles.  I loved putting this sweet little guy together.  It is one of my very favorite page creations.

Here are the companion pages I made with the same theme:

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Everyone, I think, has had a time (or times) in their life when they have had to determine what they wanted to focus their time, energy and resources on.....what is the passion that they want to pursue. Well, that is what I have been thinking about a lot the last few days and have come to some decisions.

My passion is making mini-scrapbooks, scrapbook pages and cards of all kinds. I get lost in time and space when I am in this creative zone! So, THAT is where my time, energy and resources will be focused. I also have had to reign in my desire to try every new paper craft idea that comes along and focus on getting really good at what I already love doing making mini-albums and scrapbook will still be there cause they are quick (sometimes) and I love the instant gratification I get from those mini-works-of-art.

As of the end of this month I will no longer be an Independent Consultant for Close to My Heart. I love their products but I am not cut out for direct sales and I can't afford to be my own best customer. Close To My Heart will continue to be a source of products and inspiration as I continue my creative path.

An outlet for my creations will be my Etsy shop, Celebrate Memories and this blog will now be a source for me to write about my passion by sharing what I am creating and how I am creating it. 

I hope along the way that I will inspire you to spread your creative wings, if you haven't already, and find your passion. Everyone is creative, you just might not recognize it..........baking, decorating, cooking a wonderful meal, arranging flowers, painting (pictures and rooms), ..........what makes you lose track of time and what is going on around you? That is your passion........your bliss. Take a minute to write a note to me in the comment section about what your passion is......what your creative outlet is.

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